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Hi, I'm Staffordshire artist Paul Newcastle, I'm best known for my landscape and seascape paintings rendered in oil.

I want my seascapes and landscapes to capture the beauty of natural light. I'm inspired by nature, the reflections, the colours and the emotions it creates. I love the movement of the sea, wether it's a crashing wave against the rocks or a gentle roll onto a white sandy beach... we all need escapism. My escapism is painting it!

Winner of "The People's Choice Award" at The Brampton Museum and Art Gallery Open Exhibition 2019. I've also exhibited throughout the U.K. and as a member of The Society of Staffordshire Artists (SSA) I'm proud of my Staffordshire roots. I have my art studio in the town centre of Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire.

"Art is never finished, only abandoned." - Leonardo da Vinci

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Would you like to commission or buy an original Paul Newcastle painting or display Paul Newcastle original artworks in your gallery? Please feel free to contact me at paul@paulnewcastle.com.

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What my customers say.

"Looks beautiful, thank you x"

Rachel M.

"Wow, it’s arrived!!! I absolutely LOVE it thank you so so much!!!!!"

Helen D.R.

"Thank you so much... I'm really pleased with it. I love all your paintings. If I had more wall space I'd have more up."

Kath J.

"It looks amazing, thank you so much!"

Christine H.


My art is on display at the following places.

Castle Art Gallery - Fogg St Newcastle-under-Lyme

On display - Sudden Flight, The View, Diminishing Light, Jar of Hearts, Purple Haze, Time & Time Again, Sunset.

From 19-08-2020 to 31-12-2022

The Brampton Museum & Art Gallery - Open Art & Craft Exhibition.

On Display - Bag Of Grapes, Breakfast.

From 24-09-2022 to 30-10-2022


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